Resolution3 Six Benefits of Community College


Resolution3 Six Benefits of Community College

The community college can be an excellent place for you to start your post-secondary education. You may earn an associate degree or certificate to enter the workplace, or you may choose to continue your education on a bachelor's degree by transferring credit to an online university or a 4-year institution. Here are 6 good reasons to choose a community college's education program:

Reason #1: Save In Tuition Cost

If you are tight on your education funds to pursue a degree offered by the vast majority of colleges and universities that may cost you over $100,000 to complete the degree program, then enrolling into a community college program can help you to accomplish very similar academic successes at a fraction of the cost.

Reason #2: Credits From Community College Are Transferable

You can take your preparatory core classes at community college and then transfer to a college or university bachelor program for continuous education. Most of college and universities accept transfer credit from community colleges. By taking your preparatory core classes at community college will save your money while enabling you to follow a transitional pathway to independent living.

Reason #3: Enable You To Develop Vocational Skills

If you have enter workplace with a general degree such as liberal arts degree, then community college is a good place to sharpen your skills on specific area that related to your career field. You can find many education programs offered by community colleges are related to career fields which can help you to develop vocational skills to handle your job professionally. Moreover, most of these college education programs can be completed in 1 to 2 years; you can save your time to complete the same subject areas offered in a 4-year degree offered by other universities and colleges.

Reason #4: Locate at Strategic Places

Community colleges are often located at the hearts of towns or cities where you will find it convenience to travel with a public transportation to and from your classes, and save you in term of car and gas costs.

Reason #5: Small Class Size

The class size at community colleges usually small and they only accept limited enrollment making you get lots of one-on-one attention from instructors.

Reason #6: Flexible Learning Schedule

If you are a working individual who has difficulties to fix your time to attend the classes, then community college learning schedule may fit your needs. Most of community college education programs have some sort flexible schedule for you to choose and attend your class that fit into your time. Beside that, you can work with the instructors to make up missed coursework online, enable you to enjoy the benefits of education at a pace that makes sense. Moreover, many of education programs offered by community colleges are available in online degree format, making it a good option for working adults and new parents to purse their desired degree online and at their own learning pace.


The communication college can be a good option for you to start your post-secondary education and earn an associate degree or certificate to enter the workplace or continue to a higher education after graduated from community college.

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