How to get an ebay Sellers Account

You may well have been bidding on items and buying products on eBay for quite some time before you decide that you want to sell items on eBay. There are basically two kinds of sellers accounts. The first is called a Premier Account.

In effect this is a personal sellers account. You are not operating as a business but rather as an individual. This account allows you to send and receive credit card payments. There are some very small fees attached when you sell items and receive payment for them. These fees are based upon the selling price of the item. The shipping costs are not added to the calculated fee.

When you apply for a Premier Account you will be asked to supply some additional information. Your bank account will need to be verified through Paypal. To verify an account, Paypal sends two very small deposits that will total less than $1 to your bank account and you must then verify that you received the deposits in your bank account and the amount of each deposit. Additionally you must agree to abide by the rules and regulations specified by eBay regarding the selling of products. Some products are not allowed to be sold.

You will need to know what these products are. All of this information can be found on the eBay website. The other kind of sellers account that is available on eBay is the business sellers account. You will need to supply additional information about your business, as well as, verify your bank account through PayPal.

Fees are higher for business accounts than for Premier accounts. A Premier Account and a Business Account on eBay allows you to both buy and sell merchandise and send and receive payments for merchandise. http://homeincomeportal.

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