Austin Texas Real Estate A Look at Vineyard Bay Homes

Where you live shouldn't just be panoramic. It shouldn't just be luxurious. It should be safe - you shouldn't have to worry about your children at night; you should be confident that they are secure in their home, with no dangers nearby.

And it should be environmentally clean - you shouldn't have to worry about the purity of the land and water around your property. Fortunately the developers of Vineyard Bay knew this and built a safe, gated community on the cleanest lake in the state, Lake Travis. History When Lake Travis was formed, it set the stage for communities - communities nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country but only moments from the bustling city of Austin. There, residents could find peace and quiet at night, away from work, yet experience the fun and activity of a true metropolis when they so wished. Throughout the years, communities such as Vineyard Bay were built, and much to the satisfaction of the developers, people flocked to them, filling them with their things, their families and their lives. Economy So close to Austin, the community's economy is fed primarily by its state capitol.

Austin's thriving science and technology industries offer numerous opportunities for employment; the major corporations readily making Austin their home offer more; and the academic institutions, such as the University of Texas, Austin, give the scholars a place to work and learn. As the city continues to grow, the opportunities do, too. And so the economy of nearby neighborhoods, like Vineyard Bay, thrive. Real Estate There are 90 properties tucked inside the gates of Vineyard Bay. Those gates are manned so that no unwelcome visitor can enter. The homes themselves are more aptly described as Chateaus rather than houses.

They are large, beautifully designed structures. Prices range depending on the added amenities, final size and location. But if you are looking for a home as safe, beautiful and comfortable as those in Vineyard Bay, there is no amount too high. Attractions Within the gates, there is a swimming pool and access to the lake.

Residents can tan on the sundecks, take off from the boat launch or dock on the waterfront. The land lovers can visit the aerobics center, the tennis courts, a jungle gym or the scenic nature trails traversing the neighborhood. Those who wish to journey outside of Vineyard Bay won't have to go far.

Golf courses and upscale shopping are only a few moments drive away. And the further into Hill Country you travel, the more panoramic and nature-filled the scene becomes. If you would rather an urban experience, you can drive into Austin where there is no end of possible activities. The only problem you may have is deciding what to do, when.

Vineyard Bay is a beautiful community ready to be your home and your family's. Living here will give you peace of mind and luxury - two things that when combined are truly irreplaceable. Find them today in Vineyard Bay. You'll be glad you did.

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