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A stock market simulation game is a great way to practice your investment skills before actually investing any 'real' money in the stock market. Simulation games are usually played on the internet, where people can experience the thrill of investing in the stock market without any risks, costs or any fear of losing money when and if they make a poor investment decision. Many teachers and professors of banking and finance are now using simulation games to teach their students about the rudiments of investing in stocks. Most simulation games come with a fee to get started, but there are some that are free of any charge. One does not need have prior knowledge about the stock market to join. This is how these simulation games usually work.

First, players must register. After registration, players are given an initial sum of 'virtual' money to invest in companies of their choice. Players build a portfolio of stocks by buying and selling shares in companies. Most of these games use real-time market data. The objective of the game is simple.

To increase the value of your portfolio of stocks so that it is greater than that of the other game players. Below are some tips on choosing a game. Choose a simulation game that is used and recommended by reputable colleges, high schools, middle school, investment clubs, brokers in training, corporate education courses and any other group of individuals studying markets in the U.S. and worldwide. Choose a game that is comprehensive and easy to implement in any Finance, Economics, or Investments class.

A good simulation game should feature trading of stocks, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds from the U.S. and many of the world's major markets.

Choose a game that provides a valuable, reliable, and realistic trading simulation at a reasonable price to members and other individuals who are interested in learning more about investing and trading. The game should also have some capability for testing a variety for investment strategies. Choose a simulation game that has a toll-free customer service phone number and excellent e-mail support for members. The support function should be able to quickly answer any questions that members/players may have.

Choose a stock market simulation game that is easy to use and easy to teach even to those who have never had any real hands-on investment experience. The 10 Golden Rules of Trading Have specific goals and objectives. Be consistent and disciplined.

Let profits run. Cut losses short. Never add to a losing trade. Don't take too much risk.

Only trade positive expectancy systems. Minimize all trading business costs. Be well educated Dont trade scared money.

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