Do You Have The Right Mindset To Be A Successful Network Marketer

There's no denying that network marketing is a tough business. The people who are making thousands of dollars every month from network marketing are most definitely in the minority. It's a sad fact that most people who join a network marketing company will never recruit a single person, or if they do it will just be a family member or colleague who has little experience of this particular industry.

So why do so many people fail? Well I think it basically boils down to two factors. The first one is a lack of knowledge when it comes to actually promoting the program successfully, and the second one is a defeatist mentality, which is what I want to focus on in the remainder of this article. It's amazing how many people decide to join a network marketing program and expect instant results from their initial promotional methods. There are so many ways to promote network marketing programs, as there are for any business, so it's important to experiment with various different promotional methods until you start to see results from one particular method, which you can then duplicate over and over again.

Very few people explode their downline straight away (although it is possible as I've outlined in another article) because most people are simply not well-qualified advertising experts, but they develop these skills over time. Therefore it's vitally important that you find a form of advertising that will bring good results and one you can excel in and indeed pass on to your downline, who can duplicate what you are doing, so they can build their own downline. So many people make the mistake of experimenting with a few forms of promotion, like using traffic exchanges, or using a few safelists, for example, and don't ever get a single signup, and will inevitably adopt a defeatist mentality, often accusing the program of being a scam or giving up on the network marketing industry altogether. I always think that you should stay with a program for at least a few months, and give yourself plenty of time to try out various forms of promotion. The simple fact is that there are a lot of people who are successful in this industry, and you can bet that they didn't adopt this losing mentality at the start of their network marketing career.

They probably had limited success at the beginning of their career themselves, but kept developing their promotional skills over time and educated themselves on how to be successful. Look at it this way. If they can become successful, why can't you? The great thing about the network marketing industry is that you don't need any great level of intelligence to be successful. You just need to find productive forms of promotion that work for you, and indeed for greater success you should pass on these successful methods to your downline so they can replicate what you are doing, and build your downline for you as well. Another way of looking at it is this.

Let's say the network marketing company you are promoting uses a binary plan, ie you need to place your new recruits into two legs to earn income from the program. Now if you are struggling to recruit people into both legs of your organization, for example you could just be receiving spillover from your upline in one leg, but are having difficulty enrolling members yourself to place them into your weak leg so you can start earning some commissions. Instead of giving up on the program and adopting the defeatist mentality think of it this way. All you need to do to start earning large commissions is to find two big-hitters who have a large advertising budget and/or a large mailing list, and place each one in each leg of your downline. Then you can sit back and watch the commissions roll in as they use their considerable resources to bring in new members and earn you commissions on autopilot. This is a lot easier to achieve than going out and recruiting hundreds of people yourself.

It's all about adopting the right mindset. Tell yourself that you will be successful every single day, set goals for yourself, and do whatever it takes to achieve these goals. Consult with your upline, find successful network marketers and ask their advice, experiment with different forms of promotion, and basically never give up. The fact is that many people are successful in this industry so look at what they're doing and try and replicate their success.

Please don't adopt the mindset of the majority who move from program to program dreaming of success, or who simply give up on the industry altogether after achieving limited success initially. Network marketing is not an instant road to riches. Unless you have a huge list of loyal subscribers to begin with, it takes time to become successful in this industry, but in the long-term the rewards can be considerable.

James Woolley runs his own website dedicated to helping people make money online. He's also a heavy promoter of network marketing programs. To read more about the programs he is currently promoting click on the following links: The NPN Review Success University Review

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