Are You Using Prospecting and Sorting To Find The Best Network Marketing Leads

All network marketing leads are not created equal. If you buy leads you do not know how many times they have been sold or how fresh they are. The mlm lead company will give you categories like 1 day old, or 30 days old, or 90 days old.

The older they are the less they cost. The older they are the more they have already been worked by your competitors. How you get around that is by using the internet to get your own leads for you.

This is called prospecting. In the old days prospecting meant going out in public and handing out business cards. You should still do that in a natural way throughout your day. But the internet can allow you to do so much more.

Prospecting online is all about sorting. The internet can help you identify a real prospect by allowing you to pre-sell yourself and your company before you call them back. One way to do that is to promote your website or blog and have a lead capture form for their name, email and phone on it. Make your blog or website an information site and not a selling site.

Build up trust. Write training artcles about mlm. Put the emphasis on them and not your business opportunity. You are relationship building and not even lifting a finger to do it, yet! Have a link to your business opportunity in a bio box at the end of the article. If they are curious they will go to it. Have the link open in a new page so when they exit they are brought back to your website or blog.

If they fill out the lead capture form follow up by email with an autoresponder as well as give them a quick call and see how serious they are. Just by filling out the form they are more serious and deserve your attention more than a sheet of paper with 100 names on it that you got from a lead company. Think of prospecting as a game. It is a numbers game to a certain extent anyway and using the internet to sort will help you do that. You just have to concentrate on getting traffic to your site.

A quality network marketing lead is someone who has to qualify for your time. You are not asking much from them. Just to fill out a short form they had to go to your website or blog to find.

Jeff Schuman helps people start their own network marketing business. For free network marketing training, tips, and opportunities check out his website here:

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